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Brandt Augers- Engineered for performance and durability.  XL Swing away augers, 13 inch HP auger, Swing auger options, Super edge flighting, Standard transport augers, Supercharged transport augers, transports auger options & EZ move features.


Whether you want to move grain from the truck or out of the bin, a Brandt GrainBelt can handle the job with ease. Fill quickly and gently to protect your seed investment and grain quality.

Whatever the crop and wherever you need to move it, Brandt has an auger that's right for you. Brandt Augers are fast, reliable, and longer lasting to get you through harvest worry free.


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Gothenburg Office  308-537-2300                                                                                                     Merna Office     308-643-2781

Cody Eggleston                                                                                                                                                                        Cody Eggleston
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